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What you’ve been doing: loosely following a workout plan your friend emailed you, somewhat following a complicated diet plan from a book, tracking food every once in a while in an app, swinging on a weekly cycle from a strict diet Mon through Wednesday to bingeing until Sundays. Rinse, repeat. It doesn’t have to be this way! Through my education and experience, I have crafted, mindful, whole-person approach to health that will get you where you want to be, seamlessly, almost without you even noticing that change is happening. Click below to schedule your free 30-minute health survey and let’s get you to health for good.

Hi, I’m Cassandra, Masters of Integrative Nutrition and Certified Personal Trainer. My mission is to help other humans feel their best with food, movement, and mindfulness. I am fueled by the joy of my clients when they achieve goals they never thought they could. Check out my downloadable guides, custom fitness and nutrition plans, and one-on-one coaching, and let’s get you to JOY! Contact me today to set up your free consultation!

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So Proud of my Health Changes

Cassandra is so smart and positive. I did her 30-day group program where she gently guided my new habits and cheered me on, meeting me at the level I was at for each part of my life I was working on. I thought once the program was finished I would “relax” but it has finished and I am still doing all the habits I built up, from yoga to cooking to drinking enough water each day. And it all feels integrated and like second nature! Her method of starting with small, very realistic goals seems so simple but it sticks. I cannot recommend her enough! Cassandra is amazing.


Foreign Service Officer, Four Week Practice

Safer & Stronger at Home

I have officially been working with Cassandra for the last 4 weeks now. I just want to say for anyone looking to start new healthy habits and to start working out please check out Gratitude Strength Food.
I have had the best experience with Cassandra. She is so attentive, encouraging, and responsive to anything I need or feel. I am so glad I have taken this time staying home to put into my body & mind. Thank you Cassandra for your help along the way


Professional Dancer, Total Health Coaching Client

A New Relationship with Food

I read something a while back that said that you really can’t lose weight until you change your relationship with food overall. Like you will always yo-yo if you don’t have a healthy relationship. And I truly think the principles of your program totally helped me switch that. It’s been great! And not even about losing weight, more about nurturing and appreciating myself as a human being. I’m 22 lbs down in the past two months and still losing. My pants that used to be my tight pants are now TOO BIG!! You’re the best!


Four Week Practice & One-on-One Total Health Coaching

The Best Investment I’ve Made

I became active in my 20s and was seeking direction with my workout routine and meal planning. Cassandra has the perfect background in nutrition and personal training and tailored a personalized regimen based on my fitness goals. She provided me with a sustainable, realistic plan that taught me how to fuel myself for the most efficient workouts. I tracked my progress and Cassandra was my cheerleader the entire way. She showed me how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and it was the best investment I’ve made towards my health – and I couldn’t have done it without her support. She is the BEST coach!


One-on-One Total Health Coaching- 6 Months

Huge Changes!

Cassandra gave me an idea of how to structure changes in my life, a new way to think about goals, a way to feel like I’m making a big difference in my life in only 30 days. Having a consistent group each week brought provided me wholesome engagement, improved life habits, more water drinking, and more fitness.


Professional Dancer, Four Week Practice graduate

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