About Gratitude Strength Food

Hi! I’m Cassandra Collins, MS Nutrition & Integrative Health, and Certified Personal Trainer. I am passionate about helping other humans achieve their goals. Here are the principles of wellness that fuel me as well as Gratitude Strength Food.

Food is nourishment

How can we make each meal more impactful to provide ourselves with nutrients to fuel ourselves? How can we plan our lives so that the food we eat contains the best information to instruct our cells to do the work of living flawlessly? We shift the thought process away from “what must I cut out of my diet” to “what would best serve me and help me feel supported to achieve my goals today?”

What’s Planned is Produced

We believe in cyclical Goals and Intentions combined with Continuous Habit Reflection to achieve long term success. We can never assume that our plan, even a plan from three days ago, is still the correct plan today. We strive to fail in the smallest increments possible, to accept our small failures as a sign that our plan and our habits need alignment, and to use the Reflection to grow and try again. We know that the only way to form new habits is to decide on change, plan to change, acknowledge failure, reflect on success, and repeat frequently.

Movement is Medicine 

What movement makes my body feel invigorated, creative, and energized? How can I plan my day so that I move as much as I want to? How can I push myself in a way that feels good and productive, so that every day I’m building on my ability to move more in even more exciting ways? We shift the thought process away from “I force myself to go to the gym even though I hate it” to “what movement(s) do I love to do, and how can I enjoy and improve on that?”

Each Moment is a Gift

The hours in the day are short. The days in life are few. We must love fiercely and invest fully. Once we decide on change, we must plan for change and begin to create the change immediately. If we wait a day, we will never start. We believe today is always the day to start following the thread that will lead to fulfilment.

Gratitude Fuels Focus

We define Gratitude as the acknowledgement that every moment we are afforded in life is an opportunity and should be appreciated. We stop and breathe to collect our plan before reacting. We use awareness to think before we move and eat to remind ourselves we’re making a choice. And to give space to make the choices that will contribute to our overall goals.

Let’s make your goals a reality

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