The Four Week Practice

Proven Habit Change Techniques

Join the Practice to be guided and supported during a month of self-reflection, testing, and growth
There is no better time than NOW to start learning habit change. Do you consistently try workout plans, diet plans, and never quite reach the goal you're hoping for? The Practice is a habit-change framework that will teach you how to reach ANY goal, mindfully.

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Weekly Live Meeting

Meet each week to discuss the week before, brainstorm roadblocks, celebrate wins, and learn about the weekly topic

Full PDF Workbook

You get the super-convenient and beautiful downloadable workbook which includes all of the resources, a calendar, and daily check-ins to keep you on track all month!

Daily Reminders and Support

With our closed community group, frequent posts, and emails, you'll never wonder what you should be up to each day. No note-taking needed, you'll feel secure and on-task every day of the month.

100% Custom Diet and Fitness Plan

Since we'll be working together to set our own Goals and Habits, each person in our group will be working towards their exact interests - no cookie cutter solutions! That's why this group method is SO effective.

Mindfulness is the practice which cultivates gratitude.


How it Works

See What People are Saying

Cassandra is so smart and positive. I did her 30-day group program where she gently guided my new habits and cheered me on, meeting me at the level I was at for each part of my life I was working on. I thought once the program was finished I would “relax” but it has finished and I am still doing all the habits I built up, from yoga to cooking to drinking enough water each day. And it all feels integrated and like second nature! Her method of starting with small, very realistic goals seems so simple but it sticks. I cannot recommend her enough! Cassandra is amazing.

Jennifer, 30, Washington DC

I read something a while back that said that you really can’t lose weight until you change your relationship with food overall. Like you will always yo-yo if you don’t have a healthy relationship. And I truly think the principles of your program totally helped me switch that. It’s been great! And not even about losing weight, more about nurturing and appreciating myself as a human being. I’m 22 lbs down in the past two months and still losing. My pants that used to be my tight pants are now TOO BIG!! You’re the best!

Mallory, 27, Riverside, CA



Cassandra gave me an idea of how to structure changes in my life, a new way to think about goals, a way to feel like I’m making a big difference in my life in only 30 days. Having a consistent group each week brought provided me wholesome engagement, improved life habits, more water drinking, and more fitness.

Vanessa, 30, Bowie, MD

Will I Lose Weight During the Four Week Practice?

The Four Week Practice is a habit change template, support group, and guided path to make REAL health changes. The format lends itself to many many different and personalized goals for every single person in the group. If one of your goals is weight loss, then, YES! You will lose weight during the month. How much weight you lose will be up to you, based on where you are in your health journey. The goal of this program is not necessarily weightloss, but rather SUSTAINABLE healthy habit change.

How Much Time Will I Spend on The Practice Per Week?

Each week we will meet for 1 hr live to check-in, learn, and grow together. You will also receive the Four Week Practice workbook, which is filled with all of the resources you’ll need to set your goals, choose your weekly habits, check off your habits nightly, and complete your weekly reflection. The work you do in the workbook should take about 1 hr/week on average. You can also choose to be paired with a buddy in the group, which requires a 1x/week check-in (this can be a simple text message, email, or phone call depending on you and your buddy).  The total time spent working on the Practice is around 2 hrs/week, not counting the time it will take to do the things you want to do for your health like cooking, working out, and practicing mindfulness.

Why is There a Deposit?

The accountability deposit helps keep you motivated and engaged with the group. It incentivizes you to join the live meeting each week and post in our closed group regardless of whether you felt you performed your best with your Habits. This is HUGELY helpful because staying engaged is much more important than achieving your Habits. The best predictor of long-term health change is problem-solving, and you do your best problem-solving when you are present to reflect and confront problems! If you successfully join the live meeting each week and post or comment in our closed group once/week you will get your deposit back at the end of the month!